Thursday, 29 October 2015

From Online Gaming, To Goal-Setting, To Extreme Organisation: Ways To Make Working From Home More Bearable

From online gaming, to goal-setting, to extreme organisation: ways to make working from home more bearable.

Although working from home is often hectic, there are tiny chunks of time in each day that are left empty. Whether you’re ahead of schedule, waiting for an email or you’ve simply finished everything on your to-do list for now, you can use these little breaks to do anything you like no matter how small they are. Everyone works differently and may prefer some more than others, but here are some little activities you can indulge in throughout those short breaks.

Have Fun


Although having fun in your spare time may not seem productive, it may actually help you to create better work. If you’ve ever played The Sims, you’ll know that they need fun to be able to do serious work, and so do you! In these precious moments you can sing along to your favourite song, dance around, read, write a short story, play online bingo games at or jackpotjoy, go got a coffee or anything else in the world as long as you enjoy yourself. Then, when you return to work you’ll feel completely refreshed.

Organise Your Inbox

If you’re working from home, chances are you’re receiving a lot of emails. When you get an extra five or ten minutes, it’ll be very beneficial for you to organize your inbox. It may not sound fun but I guarantee that having an empty inbox is one of the best feelings an email can evoke.

Make Phone Calls

You’re probably also having to make and receive a lot of phone calls whilst working from home, but getting into long conversations or being stuck on hold whilst you have other tasks to do just isn’t productive. Whilst working on other tasks, make a note of everyone you need to call, and then when you get a break you can give them a short call.

Create Goals & Ideas

Place a note pad next to or on your workstation so that every time you get a break you can brainstorm ideas and list everything you want to achieve that day. By constantly adding to your goals list and jotting down ideas you will never run out of inspiration.

Take A Walk

 Sitting at your desk is not a healthy activity, so during your free time you may want to get up and go for a work. If you don’t have a lot of time, a simple stroll around your home will be enough to get your circulation going and stretch your legs.

Prepare For An Upcoming Project

If your short burst of free time occurs between one project and the next, it may be a good idea to prepare for your next task. Research, outline, plan and list what it is you have to do so that future you has far less work to contend with and you have a far more structured idea. For example, if you're intending to have some fun with online games as suggested about, you could trial online bingo games at, unibet or singbingo to first get a better understanding.

Clear Your Desk

Throughout the day your desk may become cluttered, creating an extremely unproductive environment. Whenever you get a minute, try to ensure that everything around you is in place, creating harmonious atmosphere.

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