Friday, 6 November 2015

Hot Hair, Hair Pieces :: Review

Firstly, i must apologise for the lateness of this post going up. Working from home might seem like a blessing but once you've been sat at your laptop all day, you can't wait to close it once you're finished. But here it is (finally), my review of my Hot Hair hair piece.

I've been following Hot Hair for a few months because i find being able to change your style with something like a hairpiece is, for want of a better word, brilliant. And when they asked if any Bloggers would like to receive one and review it, i didn't exactly hold back.

Side note- Before i get into the review, i just want to say a massive thank you to Louise who was e-mailing me about the hair piece and found a perfect colour match when the one i chose was out of stock so Louise, thank you very much for your help. Your customer service is c'est magnifique!

Ok so down to business. So i decided to go for the Glam clip in ponytail in cappuccino (which was replaced by Lavish for reason stated above) When i first opened the hair piece, the first thing i noticed was how un-synthetic it felt. A lot of hair pieces and extensions these days feel very plastic in texture and are blatantly look fake but this ponytail looked incredibly realistic and i couldn't believe the colour match, it was absolutely spot on. 

Attaching the hair piece was so so so easy. The top part has a large crocodile clip which i wasn't expecting as with clip in ponytails i have had before, they either had a flimsy comb or a piece of velcro to attach it and they never stayed in. But this was a really ingenious method of attaching it and it worked a treat. I tied my hair up into a high pony and simply clipped the ponytail onto the bobble. Et voila! A beautiful, long flowing ponytail! 

I adore this hair piece and have got so much use out of it, including wearing it to my friends Halloween party. It's quite heavy when it's attached to my hair but frankly, because it looks so nice i can look past that and just enjoy wearing it!

Thanks again to Hot Hair for letting me review one of your amazing products.

If you like the look of this pony tail or would like to browse the range, head on over to their website

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