Monday, 16 November 2015

Quick and Simple Ways to Keep Your Baby Happy!

Having a happy baby is a must. If you want to be a good parent and have a baby that grows into a wonderful little person, then you need to make sure you keep them happy. Here are some quick and simple ways that really work. Check them out:

Get Into a Nice Routine

Getting into a nice routine with your baby is a surefire way to keep them happy. Babies just love knowing what’s going to happen next. Nothing makes them smile more than repeating the same thing over and over again! They love a good daily routine, but they’ll also love you singing the same song or poem to them, or playing the same game with them. This is how they develop and learn, so make the most of it! Try to put them down to sleep at the same times, feed at the same times, and bathe at the same times. The more consistent you can be the more they’ll get used to their routine.

Give Them a Pacifier

Giving your baby a pacifier satisfies their natural instinct to suck. Even when they are not hungry, this instinct can remain and make them grumpy. By giving them a pacifier they’ll soothe themselves and feel calmer in an instant.

Dress Them Comfortably

Comfy clothes are absolutely essential for a happy baby. Scratch mittens will stop your baby from making their delicate skin red raw too. Make sure that everything you put them in is suitable for their soft skin and won’t irritate or rub them.

Play Peekaboo

Playing peekaboo with your baby is a lot of fun. They just love to look up at you. The way you feel about looking at them is the same way they feel about looking at you! Play any game that involves you both being able to see each other like this and it’ll strengthen your bond!

Try Gentle Stretching

If stretching feels nice to us, why wouldn’t it for babies? Obviously you need to be gentle, but stretching out baby’s arms and legs can make them giggle. You do it in a similar way to what you’re used to, you just need to be extra careful and gentle. There are tutorials online to help you if you need them.

Baby Massage

If you really want to treat your baby, try giving them a baby massage. They don’t have aches and pains like we do, but it still feels nice for them and the skin to skin contact helps you to bond. Be gentle. If you’re unsure of what to do, you could take a class or watch some tutorials!

A happy baby is a healthy baby, so make sure you keep your baby as happy as possible with the tips in this guide. They are very quick, simple, and easy to implement so you can make your baby feel better in a flash! I hope you love these tips and they work wonders for you. Leave any comments you may have below! 

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  1. I love this post. I always forget baby massage I try and do it at least once a week but always forgetting. Ill do it after this.

    Carrieanne x


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