Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Unique Ways To Celebrate Your Anniversary

Regardless of whether you’re married or not, if you are in a happy relationship, you should always celebrate your anniversary. Not just to show each other that you care, but also to keep the romance and spark between you, alive.
After a couple of years of being in a relationship, it’s easy for the dynamic of things to change. We tend to become less loving towards one another, and most of the romantic stuff goes out of the window. This is especially true if you live with your significant other, as living together changes your relationship.
To keep the chemistry alive, celebrating your anniversary in a  different way to normal is important. For all the best ways to celebrate, make sure to take a look at my ideas, here:
Couple’s massage
If life is hectic - perhaps you have high powered jobs or a big family, a couple's massage could be the perfect way to celebrate your anniversary. Often, when we are feeling stressed out, we snap at our loved ones and take our feelings out on them.
For a happy relationship, despite the stress you are under, a couple’s massage is the perfect treat. It will calm and de-stress you, and may even bring the pair of you closer together. Look out for a spa that specialises in couple’s treatments, so that you know you’ll get the best experience possible. For deals, have a look at online discount sites like VoucherCloud and Wowcher. To make it even more special, opt for a spa that offers champagne.
Pleasure flight
How about taking to the skies for your anniversary? If you love the idea of doing something different to mark the occasion, a helicopter ride with Pleasure Flights Ltd could be ideal. It’s a fun, unique and exciting way to spend your anniversary, but best of all, taking a helicopter ride can also be incredibly romantic.
You might love the idea of a pleasure flight, but the cost of it might be putting you off. However, it shouldn’t do, as believe it or not, pleasure flights aren’t that expensive, they start from just £39 per person.
Glamping trip
You might be thinking that staying in a fancy hotel would be nicer, but hear me out. You can get some amazing glamping sites - some even come with private hot tubs and champagne on tap. If you want to make your anniversary special, a glamping trip will beat a posh hotel every time.
The best thing about glamping is that you can sit out under the stars sipping on a glass of bubbly, snuggled up together. What’s more romantic than that? Whereas, in a hotel room, you lay in bed watching the television, listening to the cars go by. To make your glamping experience as enjoyable as possible, make sure to pick the perfect site. Opt for somewhere that has fantastic reviews, and is situated in the ideal place.  
Want to make your anniversary more memorable? Then make sure to celebrate with one of the above ideas - they'll make your time together special.

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