Friday, 4 December 2015

A Cheat Sheet to Making the Ultimate Coffee

Whether you’re a coffee lover yourself or you always have people over, you want to make sure that you can make the best coffee ever. If not for yourself, for the marriage proposals that will come with it! This cheat sheet is one of the best ways you can learn to create the ultimate coffee. It’s quick and easy. Try it for yourself!

Pick Quality Coffee Beans

Make sure you pick high quality coffee beans to make your coffee. That’s the only way this drink is going to impress your visitors. Instant coffee is used in many households, and some of it is OK. But do you want your coffee to be just OK, or do you want it to be magical?

Ensure Freshness

Make sure the coffee you use is fresh. If you’ve just bought it, this won’t be a problem. If you’ve had it a while, you need to make sure you store it right. Storing your coffee correctly is imperative to keeping it fresh and delicious.

Know Your Coffee

Know your coffee. If you’re not currently a coffee connoisseur, become one. There are all kinds of different coffees, and it comes from different places. Coffee from Costa Rica is going to be different from beans from mexico. Make sure you know the main differences by region and the area it was grown in.

Grind Your Own Beans

Instead of buying ready ground beans, grind your own. It’s definitely worth investing in a quality grinder. If not for your guests, then for yourself! Do your research on the best grinders to work out which one is best for you.

Use Fresh Water

Fresh water is a must! It really does make a difference from the bottle to the tap. If your goal is to produce a top notch cup of coffee, using pure, filtered water is compulsory. Fresh water can make us healthier, and science has proven that coffee can too. If you want to look and feel amazing, make sure you use fresh water in your coffee.

Never Use a Cheap Filter

Using a cheap filter is the ultimate fail when making a cup of coffee. If you want all of the rubbish filtered out effectively, you need a filter that will do the job properly. One great example is the Hario v60. I don’t know anybody with that filter who makes a disappointing cup of coffee. Every small detail makes the difference when you’re looking to make the ultimate coffee.  

Always Use Clean Mugs and Cups

Finally, a clean mug or cup is important. It might not make a difference to the taste, but it’ll change the drinker’s opinion of it automatically when they go to take a sip. The ultimate coffee deserves the ultimate presentation, so make sure your mugs and cups are all stain free and sparkly before serving. Chips and cracks can be unhygienic, so get rid of any mugs or cups like that.

There you have it. The cheat sheet to make the ultimate cup of coffee. You could go from a coffee zero to a coffee hero in a matter of minutes! We all love a good hot drink, especially when the cold weather sets in. Make sure you’re prepared by using these tips. Thanks for reading! 

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