Sunday, 13 December 2015

A letter to my boyfriend - 3 year anniversary


So we've made it to 3 years and what an amazing (if not interesting) 3 years it's been. You know i'm not the best when it comes to remembering things but i can remember every moment, every memory and every up and down we've had together like it happened minutes ago. 

Do you remember when we first met and the first conversation we had was about our Iphones? I'd just got an upgrade and i thought i was the dogs bollocks having a white Iphone 4 and then you showed me you had exactly the same phone and i felt a little dejected haha. Since that very first time we met, we've laughed every single day, sometimes to the point we were crying. Every couple has their own language and ways to communicate with each other and we are no exception, we've come up with some much random crap together like;

  • Chocolate mouse
  • Teet pippet
  • Piglet - Small pig
  • Religious sink
  • Mechanisms of aviation fowl
These are just a handful and i take great satisfaction in knowing that whoever reads this or can hear us saying these things, they will never fully understand what we're talking about haha.

Unfortunately, life isn't perfect and together we've faced some difficult challenges, one of them stands out above them all. I have no idea how we managed to get through it but i genuinely believe that because we supported each other, that's what made it a little bit easier so for that i thank you massively. We bicker more than anything but we have had some blazing rows, admittedly some of them were down to me but the majority were because of you because you're a stubborn twat when the times right but we never let it drag on and we always make up within hours, sometimes within a few minutes but let's face it, who is in a relationship without any arguing?!

Going back to always laughing together, i honestly hand on heart can say that no one has ever had me laughing as much as you. The way you say things, such as adding 'Meh' to the end of the majority of your questions just tickles me pink. The way you enjoy pulling down the sun visor above my head in the car and slamming the brakes on so that i hit my head. My god you annoy the living hell out of me but the fact you keep me laughing every day just cancels out your annoying nature.

You've somehow managed to change me, something that i never believed anyone could do. You can calm me down even when i'm at boiling point, you're the voice of reason when i think i'm right but above all else, you've just made me a better person all round. You encourage me, you support me and you love me...i can't ask for more.

Neither of us really know what is coming up for us in 2016, you've told me that we'll be engaged which you know has made me ridiculously excited and i hope that it will be the year we can finally say we're able to add to our family, something that we both want so badly.

So all in all babe, i can honestly say that even after 3 years, i love you more with every passing day, you piss me off something rotten but Meh! Haha

Happy Anniversary Carlisle

Love from Kate xxx


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