Wednesday, 9 December 2015

How To Give Up The Cot Now Your Baby Is A Toddler

Realising your baby isn’t a baby anymore can bring on such a mix of emotions. Your little one will be growing ever more independent. Learning to feed himself without making a huge mess was certainly a celebratory moment for many Mums. But there is so much more that will be happening very quickly. Learning to walk without holding onto anything quickly turns into running everywhere! Soon, another celebratory moment occurs when you can give up the nappies for good.

But now your little one is running around and able to manage the potty or toilet, it’s time to give up the security of the cot. If your tot has started trying to climb out of the cot, then now is the time to act before he has a nasty fall. Some cots are also cot-beds. They convert so your toddler can get in and out safely on his own. But they don’t last long. Before you know it, your baby is too long for his bed! It’s time to get a big boy/girl bed.

Choosing a bed for your preschooler can be quite tough to do. There are just so many options. Some come with storage, others even have a slide or playhouse! Your budget may have a part to play in all this too. Storage is really handy for any child. They just have so many toys and things. At this age, there will be plenty of clothing to find a home for as well. You can find under-bed storage that converts to desks or other furniture as your child gets older.

Next, you need to find some toddler bedding. Often, we buy a standard three-foot by six-foot bed. But cot bedding is much smaller than that. So you’ll need new single sheets, duvets, covers and pillows. Kids love having bedding with their favourite TV character on. But tastes change quickly so try to pick something a little more generic to avoid arguments later on. Some of the things from the cot can be saved for now. Favourite blankets can be very comforting now your little one is going through such a big change.

The mobile and monitor are also very handy to keep around. They offer some consistency when redesigning a child’s room. All these changes can be very upsetting for a little one, even if they’re not usually insecure. Try to turn the whole process into a big adventure. It could be considered a reward for being good or grown up. Your little one will need to see it as gaining something rather than anything being taken away.

You too may be going through some emotional upheaval during this process. Your baby isn’t a baby anymore. They have blossomed into a small child. This new bedroom will offer them more freedom to move around, so you may worry about what they’re up to in the night. Keep hold of your monitor for a while yet, and be prepared to keep putting them back to bed at first. They’ll soon get the message!  

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