Friday, 18 December 2015

Stuck For Last Minute Gift Ideas? Build A Personalised Hamper With These Tips

As we all know, finding the perfect gift for someone takes time and energy. In some cases, it also takes a lot of additional thought, money and effort. However, it’s all worth it when you see the expression on the face of whoever you have bought for.  For a gift that’s guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face, why not create your own hamper. It’s the ideal solution if you’re running out of time and need a great last minute gift. Follow these tips to get you started now.

Choose a theme

Theming your hamper can be over the top or simple but should reflect the occasion or special event. Having a set theme will make it easier to know which items you should include inside. Christening gift hampers, for instance, could include personalised ceramic plates, toys and blankets. If you’re giving your hamper to someone for their birthday, theme it around an interest of theirs. This could be crafts, baking or movies to name a few. A popular theme that works well for most occasions is a food and drink hamper. You can fill the hamper with your loved one’s favourite homemade snacks or a selection of beers they’ve always wanted to try. Making it personal is what makes the hamper such an excellent gift so choose your theme wisely to suit the recipient.

Set your budget

However much you decide to spend on your hamper will dictate the size and the items you put inside of it. If you’ve got a limited budget, you can still make a wonderful gift you can be proud of. Stick to your theme and look in Poundland and other discount stores for items you can include. Think of buying items you know the recipient might not consider buying for themselves, to give them a real treat. Or make some quick and easy gifts yourself that work well with your theme. This could be a hand decorated notebook for a book themed hamper or homemade bath products for a spa theme. People always appreciate gifts that you have made yourself and will love the personal touch it brings to the hamper.


They may be called hampers, but that doesn’t mean you have to display your gifts in a traditional basket hamper if you don’t want to. Cardboard, wooden or plastic boxes work really well too. Or you could try carefully placing your gifts inside a glass bowl or vase, just make sure it’s not too flimsy. Try not to make your hampers too heavy to avoid breaking the container you have chosen. Also, think about protecting your gifts by filling the basket or box with shredded tissue or straw to provide some extra padding. Wrap the container in cellophane and tie with a box for a very professional looking result.

It’s a great feeling knowing that you have chosen something perfect for them to enjoy. The possibilities are endless with hampers, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to create something that they will love. It might be last minute but it will appear as though you have spent ages on this marvellous gift.

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