Saturday, 27 February 2016

Great Gifts For Girls Who Love To Be Warm

No matter the season, we all that one girl who is always cold! So when it comes time to buy her a gift, why not go for her something to warm her up? It’s sure to be really appreciated! Consider first where she spends her time. Some of these ideas are great for the office while others are more suitable for staying cosy home. There is an even an idea for her car.

A quality blanket
Any girl who loves to be warm will truly appreciate an extra soft blanket. Teddybear material is a great option. Or, for extra softness, go for a large baby blanket. You can’t get much softer than that!

A gorgeous piece of knitwear
Handcrafted knitwear is not only great for keeping the wearer nice and toasty. It’s also far more delicate than machine-made items. Handmade items are still sturdy, though; a special method is used on these type of items to ensure this. You can pick from items like a bobble hat, or sock, for example. Or, for a more significant gift, buy a couple of things and package them up as a set. Gloves and a scarf in similar colours make a great pair!


A heated foot warmer
This is a little more unusual! You can now get electric footwarmers. You plug them into a power source and then pop your feet inside; they’re like a big fluffy boot. Not only are these great for girls who like to be warm, but they’re also handy for people with Raynaud’s. You can even get ones that can massage the feet as well! Check them out on this website.

A heated blanket
Like a heated foot warmer but much bigger! Heated blankets are actually far more affordable than you might think. You simply put them under the bottom sheet of a bed. They’re usually powered electrically, and for most you can adjust the heating setting.

A car seat warmer
If the girl you’re buying for drives a car, this is one gift idea they are sure to love! These handy seat covers slip over the driver’s seat. They’re then plugged into the cigarette lighter receptacle. Slowly the seat will become toasty and warm!

A hot water bottle
The chances are, your ‘always cold’ friend will already own a hot water bottle. But this could now be getting old, and tatty hot water bottles can be very dangerous. Either way, there is no such thing as too many hot water bottles! There are some super cool cover designs out there now.


A wheat bag
Wheat bags are not just good for warming you up. They’re often infused with herbs like Lavender, which smell amazing and have properties to make the user relax! You warm them up by popping them in the microwave for two minutes. A great option if your friend doesn’t have a kettle.

Whichever item you pick ensure you purchase from a reputable supplier. This is especially important when buying items that have a power supply or contain boiling water. 

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