Monday, 22 February 2016

Ox Pasture Hall :: Review

If anyone needed a night away from the daily grind and the endless job of being parents, it was me and Carl and when Shaun from Ox Pasture Hall in Scarborough got in touch asking if we would like to spend a night there, we literally leapt at the chance.

I have seen this hotel being mentioned a few times in the Blogosphere and I often commented on how beautiful it looked but pictures really don't do it justice, you have to be there to really appreciate what a stunning hotel it is.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the incredibly friendly Lynsey on reception who was so helpful and lovely and got us checked in straight away. Paul then showed us to our suite and after walking through beautiful courtyards with fountains and flowers, we came to the Wetherby suite and we were so surprised when the door was opened.

The suite was huge, bigger than any room I've stayed in before and me and Carl wasted no time in having a look around. Obviously we had to take a look at the bed and it was huge! Our bed at home has become so uncomfortable but we can't afford a new one yet so seeing this bed reassured us that we would be getting a really good sleep that night and yes, it was stupidly comfortable.

The bathroom was beautiful with it's marbled tiles and amazing fittings. Carl was particularly excited by the waterfall taps that were on the bath and sinks as he'd never seen them before, he didn't waste any time in making the most of them by having not one but two baths! The shower was amazing aswell.
There were so many nice touches in the room that I really appreciated. The chandelier light fittings, the ornaments on the windowsills and even the huge clock!

We booked a table for dinner for 7pm so in the meantime, we lounged about in the complimentary robes and watched TV, we felt so blissed out that it was pretty difficult getting ready.

At dinner time, we made our way to the restaurant where once again we were greeted by Paul who provided the best service I have ever come across in the hotel industry, he was so attentive and gave us his whole attention it was really nice. He provided us with a complimentary bottle of Prosecco which we really weren't expecting but was certainly welcome (Carl isn't a huge fan of Prosecco so I ended up drinking the whole bottle myself, yes I was drunk) but they brought him a pint of beer which suited him nicely.

We were also brought a platter of various home made breads that Anton had made fresh that day. The rosemary and sea salt focaccia caught my eye straight away as it's my favourite bread of all and Carl had the rest, he particularly enjoyed the poppy seed one. 

After making our meal choice, Paul brought us both an amuse bouche of sweet potato soup and it was delicious. Our meal then arrived and it was cooked just to our liking. We both ordered the steak and chips and I can be quite picky when it comes to steak and I only really trust my mums way of cooking it but all credit to the chef for getting mine medium-well and not over/under cooking it like restaurants usually do.

Before the dessert, Paul once again brought over another little treat of grapefruit and whisky sorbet which was very much welcomed and no surprise but it tasted incredible. Our desserts then arrived and naturally, we both opted for the chocolate fudge cake and chocolate orange sorbet, it was beautiful.

Feeling content and full, we ventured back to the room and watched a bit more TV but because I was so drunk, I decided to go to bed and as Carl was tired having been up early for work that morning, he opted for sleep as well. The bed was as comfy as we expected it to be and it was a welcome change to sleeping in our bed which quite frankly should be condemned it's that uncomfortable. As blissed out as I was, I unfortunately have a really hard time sleeping when I'm away from home. I've always had a funny issue with being an in unfamiliar place and as I barely sleep as it is, when I wake up and I know I'm not at home, I can't get back to sleep. So by 5am, I was wandering around our room and had to accept I wouldn't be able to make the most of the amazing bed. Thankfully, Carl did and it was a struggle to get him up for breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, it was lush. While we waited for our fry up's, Carl had some toast and I had a couple of delicious home made croissants that were filled with jam. I've been craving crossiants for weeks so I was very happy when they caught my eye.  We also had a pot of the smoothest coffee I've had in a long time, you could tell it was excellent quality and not your bog standard gold roast from a jar.

With a heavy heart, we checked out and I took a few more snaps before we left. We met the friendliest little cat in the garden and she wouldn't leave Carl alone, she was completely obsessed with him and even followed us to the car, I wanted to take her home!

Being in Scarborough, we couldn't not make the most of it so before heading home, we drove to the coast. It's been many years since me and Carl ventured to Scarborough beach so it was nice have a walk along the front. Of course we went into the penny arcades, it's the law! But unfortunately, in typical British fashion, the weather was against us and it started to rain so we took that as our time to get back home.

I just want to give special mentions to certain people before I wrap up this post;

Shaun - Thank you so much for giving me and Carl the opportunity to come stay at the hotel. It was exactly what we needed and it couldn't of happened without your generosity.

Lynsey - Without a doubt the friendliest receptionist in the world. Thank you for making us feel so welcome and like nothing was too much to ask. 

Paul - You went above and beyond during dinner and you deserve a pay rise! Thank you for amazing service and being so friendly and polite to us.

I can't recommend Ox Pasture Hall enough if you want a mini break. It really is  a beautiful and relaxing hotel with the best customer service I have ever come across. Have a look at their website for more details Scarborough Hotel in Yorkshire


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