Friday, 4 March 2016

3 Creative Trips to Take With Friends

It’s widely reported that friends are important to our mood, health, and wellbeing. We probably know this from our own experience. However, it’s not always easy to keep in touch with people who mean a lot to us. There are many reasons we might have unintentionally fallen out of touch. We all have work commitments and worries. Some of us have families to put first or financial constraints that make taking time off difficult. Whatever the reason holding us back though, it can be important to plan some time with our friends. Even if only for a few days, time with our friends can give us the energy and motivation to return to our everyday lives fully refreshed! No-one makes us laugh like they do, or know our individual quirks so well. Facebook, email, and text messages can all be lifesavers but they are never a replacement for face to face interaction. When we do eventually get together, we should make those minutes and hours count by doing something we may not have thought of. Ditch the bar. Save the meal for another occasion. This time, we’re doing something different.

A Caravan

After spending time apart, what better way to get back into the rhythm of each other’s company than by squeezing into a caravan? Believe it or not, caravans can actually be surprisingly roomy. Their lounges are often able to accommodate large groups of friends and family. Bedrooms can be individual, double or king sized! Air awnings are also a great way to expand space outside while still staying warm and sheltered. With some cold beers, great music, and shareable food, you’re in for a trip to remember.

Memory Lane

A nostalgic trip can be a great way to reconnect with old friends. Think about a place that meant a lot to all of you. If you have all moved away, now might be the time to return to the place where you grew up. Perhaps you had a favourite haunt like a bar or a pool hall. Maybe you were lucky enough to live near a beach and play there during the summer. Chances are, the places you and your friends used to get together were not too glamourous or expensive. Especially if you were students or teenagers when you met! Wherever you go, the main aim will be to return to that sense of carefree nostalgia and relive all the ways you had fun together.

A Treehouse

No, really. You read that right. There are now holiday packages that offer you and your friends the opportunity to stay in a treehouse. For the ultimate return to a childhood fantasy, you and your friends can eat and sleep among the branches of a real tree. The views from the houses are unbeatable. Whether you stay at home or head abroad you can see the local beauty for miles around. Watching the sunrise or sunset from a height, surrounded by friends, maybe with a glass of wine in hand is hard to beat.

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