Thursday, 17 March 2016

How To Throw An Awesome Kids Party For Next to Nothing

So, you’ve what you’re going to do been putting off exactly what you’re going to do for your little one’s birthday. You might have planned to keep it a low-key affair, after all, they are still young! But the invites for their little friends birthday parties have been coming thick and fast, and they want their own party now. You may have maintained that you weren’t going to succumb to the pressure, however, even the best of intentions can go awry. Especially when your little one looks up at you with their big baby blues and say please. Dammit, they've got us wrapped right around their little fingers. Well, that’s a big part of what being a parent is all about!

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It looks like you’ll be having that party after all. Yes, you’re weak, but they’re only young once, right? It’ll be a blast. Just keep telling yourself that and it will be ok! But what if you’re on a budget. That might have been one of the reasons you were putting it off in the first place. Well, don’t worry. It can be done, and you'll still have a great party your little one will love. Kids are not as fussy as adults, and as long as you’ve got a few basics in place, your offspring will be over the moon. And you’ll be the best parent in the world, showered with love and kisses for at least a minute. That’s better than nothing, though! It’s always nice to feel appreciated by your kids, even if it is cupboard love…

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to make sure your little one and all their friends have an awesome time. If you’re looking for cheap decorations, then you can’t go too far wrong by looking online. Wholesale party supplies used to be only available to trade customers, but now the general public can save big money too. Buying your partyware this way means you’ll have more money left over for the important things, like food!

Keep nibbles simple but be sure to offer some choice. Kids can be notoriously picky eaters. You can’t go wrong with a few different types of sandwiches, think cheese, ham, and even jam. Make sure you’re considerate and supply options for vegetarians. It’s worth asking parents in advance if their child has any allergies, but lay safe and don’t include anything with nuts in your buffet. No one wants a child having an allergic reaction to your food! Obvious items to knock off the list are things like peanut butter. Remember too that popular brands of chocolate spread may contain allergens including nuts too.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a party entertainer. Sure they’re lots of fun, but it’s an unnecessary expense. There are lots of other ways to keep the kids amused, and they don’t need to cost much at all.

Don’t forget the party bags, either! Noo kids birthday celebration is complete without them. You fill them cheaply with little novelty items. Buy multipacks of pens and mini notebooks to help keep costs down.  Make sure you include a slice of cake too! Including a thank you note is always a nice touch too, and it saves having to send out notes to your guests later. A party full of kids might take a few days to recover from; it can be pretty hectic. 

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