Sunday, 6 March 2016

Iceland Frozen Millies Cookies :: Review

Millie's Cookies are the bedrock of baked goods, you can't help but stop and buy some of their cookies when you walk past their stall. I find myself always buying some when I head into town and I have tried and failed to re-create them at home. Don't get me wrong, they taste great, but Millie's have a certain flavour and texture that make them completely unique.

When me and Carl were wandering around Iceland, I was really surprised to come across Millie's at home cookie dough that claimed to recreate Millie's cookies at home. Of course I wasn't going to ignore these pastel boxes of deliciousness and with them being two for £5, it was a no brainer! We went for the milk chocolate and white chocolate varieties but they also had triple chocolate aswell.

Upon opening the box, the cookie dough is divided into six pieces which was a pleasant surprise as I was expecting it to be in a huge slab that I would have to chop up myself. The instructions could not have been any more simpler if they tried. Preheat the oven to 180°C, place the cookie dough pieces 2cm apart on a baking tray and throw into the oven (not literally, we're not that brave) for 14-16 minutes. When I read instructions like that, I tend to go for the happy medium so I set the oven timer for 15 minutes.

When the timer was done, the cookies were perfectly cooked and were still very gooey but after a few minutes of being left to cool, they were firm enough to be put on a plate. I then repeated the same process with the second batch.

Overall verdict? These little babies are fantastic. They taste and smell exactly like Millie's cookies and they also look like them as well! And if that wasn't proof enough, all 12 cookies disappeared within 2 hours of me making them!

Considering 6 cookies from the shop is around £5, you're getting 12 for £5 instead so it's a bargain. I can't recommend them enough, they're perfect and save you having to trek into the town centre when you can make them from the comfort of your own home.

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