Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A Guide To Giving Surprise Gifts To Loved Ones


Birthdays, Christmas Days and Wedding Days. Everybody receives and gives gifts for these special occasions, but what about all the other days in the year?
It can totally be argued that surprise gifts are even more special that those given for certain events. This is because they come out of the blue. Plus, they’re not competing for the receiver's attention amongst other presents.
But what should you buy for a surprise gift, and what other rules should you follow? Read on for a mini guide to making your loved one’s day with a surprise present.

Consider if there is anything they’re missing
We’ve all had it where we’ve requested one specific thing for our birthday or Christmas day. But then, when the event rolls around, though we get other lovely gifts, we don’t get that one thing we really wanted or needed.
Consider if this has happened to the person you’re buying for recently. Also, consider if they didn’t get anything that they usually get. So, if you’re buying for your Dad, and he relies on birthdays for topping up his collection of new socks, did he get any last time? If not, these will make a great surprise.

Get the gift delivered straight to their home
If you buy the gift online, it could take a while for them to get their surprise gift. This is because you will have to wait for it to get to your home first. Then, you’ll either have to send it on yourself, or wait until you see them in person.
So, wherever possible, have the online store send the gift to them in person. See if they offer a gift-wrapping service. Alternatively, you could go for a subscription service that gets delivered to their door every month. Birchbox and Glossybox are two examples of such services in the beauty industry.

Give a surprise gift that will actually be used
Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that we get a lot of use out of. Novel gifts can be fun and amusing, but they’re not much use to anyone if they get put away in a box the next day. Instead, consider items that they use often. Then see if you can improve or upgrade them. You could steal their favourite watch for a couple of days and have the back engraved. You could get them a couple of new eliquids for the e-cigarette they’re never without. Or you could buy them a new, humorous mug that they can keep on their desk at work.

Remember the gift can be an experience, not an object
Often, when we think about gifts, we think about physical objects. However, gifts can be events and experiences too.
Hot-air ballooning and helicopter rides are two things that are on many people’s bucket list. However, due to money or time, they often never get ticked off. By organising the trip for them, you are taking away that hassle and hard work and giving them an amazing surprise gift. Or, you could go one better and arrange a surprise gift in the form of a weekend away or even a holiday abroad. 

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  1. Well said "Remember the gift can be an experience, not an object". I do strongly agree with you. When we are gifting something to someone it's showing our love and care. My friend is a chain smoker so I buy electronic cigarettes online & gifted to him and he really liked it since it's a good alternative.


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