Monday, 11 April 2016

Planning A Fun & Exciting Birthday For Your Toddler

Until our little ones reach their second birthdays, they have very little concept of what a birthday is. As well as what other celebrations, like Christmas and Easter are like. They live in their own little oblivious world, happy with what they’ve got. However, once they reach two or three, they start to understand that birthdays are days to be celebrated. This means that you need to think about how you want to mark the occasion and help them celebrate.

To help make planning your toddler’s birthday celebrations a little easier, I thought I would share a few ideas. These are all things that are perfect for making your little one’s birthday that little bit more fun, memorable and special.

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Plan a party

What’s the best way to mark a birthday? With a birthday party, of course. Being so young, you don’t want to plan a party that’s too big or overwhelming for your child. It’s best to stick to a limit of 10 guests at a maximum, including family and friends. Else, it may get a little too much for your child.

If you want to invite more people than that, why not have a party for friends in the daytime and then an evening get together for the family? That way your child gets to spend time with everyone, without getting too overwhelmed.

Surprise them with birthday treats

Birthdays are all about the treats. Give your child a few well thought out gifts and a card that you know they’ll love. Pick presents that you know they’ll like and get lots of use out of. For little ones, presents that encourage learning are always good. Play kitchens, play money, etc. can make good gifts as they help them to learn and are fun too.

As for the card you get your child, get creative and come up with a design that’s cute and eye-catching. A great option if you want to ensure that your card is memorable is to make your little one a Videogram video card. You can record a cute little message for them and then have it put inside a card. Then, every time they look at the card, your video will play. Or, if you don’t fancy recording a video, a photo card could also work well. It’s just a case of deciding whether to make it yourself or order online.

Fill the house with balloons

baby and balloons.jpg

For children, the best part of a birthday balloons. Even if you’re not planning your child a party, filling the house with balloons is a great idea. Or, at least, one room of the house with balloons. Think how excited your child will be when they come downstairs on their birthday to find it packed full of balloons.

To make their day extra exciting, opt for a mixture of helium and normal balloons. If your little one has a TV character that they love, consider getting a novelty balloon with them on it. A selection of balloon colours is a good idea - primary colours are best as kids love bright and bold shades.

There you have it, lots of ideas for planning your toddler a fun and exciting birthday.

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