Thursday, 21 April 2016

Should You Get Your Child Into Sports?

Some of the older generations love to be cynical about the younger generations. Apparently, all they do is sit around browsing the Internet or playing video games. They sit there on their smartphones, not interacting with anyone face-to-face. While this is definitely an exaggeration, there is a worry in every parent that their child isn’t active or social enough.

This is why you should encourage your child to engage in physical activity. The best way to do this is to get them into some kind of sport. Here are the benefits to getting them into a sport.

Getting fit and staying that way

This is an obvious benefit. Sports equals exercise equals being fitter, right? (Unless it’s an eSport. Tell your child those don’t count.) But what we sometimes forget is that these benefits will also help them stay fit. By getting them into sporting at a young age, your child will gain a long-term awareness of their health and the effects of exercise on their body.

A family activity

Sure, you can play those video games with them. In fact, there are many benefits to doing so. But why don’t you both get some exercise? Just because you’re a grown-up, doesn’t mean you can just sit inside and do what you want! (Okay, that is kind of what it means, but still.) Playing a sport with your child or helping them practise can help you all bond. Look up some awesome family sporting activities at

Social benefits abound

Because so many kids like them these days, playing sports can open up new social opportunities for your child. While that doesn’t mean you should encourage a child to play a sport they don’t want to play, it is a benefit to keep in mind. If your child and their friends like to play sports, why not go on social sporting outings? Get parents and their children together at a local park and hold some friendly competitions. You can even get trophies and medals for such events at places like!

Powerful self-esteem boosting

Self-esteem is crucial in life. There are many people out there with serious self-esteem issues.
Those issues are more debilitating than you might imagine. While playing and even winning at sports doesn’t guarantee eternal strong self-esteem, it can help. Finding victory and physical health in sporting can help with long-term mental health. If your child is playing well, make sure they know. Read more about self-esteem in children at

You win some, you lose some

In the sporting world, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. In fact, that’s how the world in general works. A child engaged in sport will learn this valuable (if sometimes sad) lesson early. Of course, this can have the opposite effect if it turns out your child is some sort of prodigy. They do exist, those children that are just way too good at something seemingly from birth, never losing, even against the adults. So maybe make sure they play something they’re going to lose at every now and again. Sounds like strange advice, but it will provide them with a challenge!

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