Monday, 25 April 2016

Sport Clubs Your Kid Should Join!

It can be hard to entertain the children after school. They often just want to sit in front of the television or even play on the computer. But to help them be social, and learn a new skill, you should encourage them to join a sports club. It will help your child to keep active which is good for their health, as well as learn team working skills, and the chance to compete for awards. Here are some sports clubs your kid should join!


Swimming is a great skill to learn that will help them throughout their life. It’s good for safety too as you never know when they could be in a situation where they could drown. It’s also one of the most popular sports, as It doesn’t feel like they are being active. It’s also good for all ages. And it’s ideal for building up self-esteem as they will be able to complete goals. They can easily progress through the ranks, and there are so many certificates they can get. It also lifts a kid’s mood and they will enjoy going once a week.


Rugby is another great sports club that your child could join. Boys, in particular, will love the game as it’s a lot of fun, and a great excuse to get messy! As they are working in a team, the child will make new friends and learn how to support each other to win. And Rugby is an excellent way to help them get active, as there is lots of running involved. As we talked about previously, if you can’t find a rugby club for your kids, you could get the mums together and arrange your own team. You could even get the boys a trophy if they do well, as many websites sell trophies for rugby teams.

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Another great sports club that your kid could join is a gymnastics team. Check the local area for centres who offer this for all ages. Gymnastics will help them become more flexible and learn some new skills. They will be able to work with the other kids and have to listen to their advice, but also work independently. As this article says, it’s fantastic for building muscle growth and their coordination.


Martial Arts

Another great club that your kid could join is Martial Arts. It’s a great way to teach them about discipline, and also, help them to become more focused. Again, Martial Arts is an essential skill to help keep them safe. They will be able to work through the levels so that they will have a great sense of achievement. Watch this example of a class here.

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A Football team is a great club for your child to join. It’s popular with all ages and with both sexes. They will be able to take part in matches and will also make friends. It’s something they can carry on doing till well into their adulthood, and it’s fantastic for keeping fit.

These are just a few clubs which will help your child have fun while staying active and learning new skills.

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