Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Everything You Must Know About Planning Your Family Car Journey

Driving long distances with your whole family in the car can be a pretty challenging task. You just want to get to where you’re going and keep everyone happy in the meantime. When you have kids to think about, that’s not always as easy as it sounds though. So, to make it a bit easier, here’s everything you need to know about planning your family car trip.

Prepare the Car in Advance

You really don’t want your car to break down when you are taking a long journey, so it’s vital to prepare it in advance. Inspect your car and check for any faults that cause you problems on the journey. If you notice that the tread on your tyres is thin, you could invest in Hankook tyres. New tyres will help you stay gripped to the road. If the car has any minor problems that you’ve been ignoring, it’s probably best to get them dealt with too before you start your journey.


Plan the Route and Stops

There are few things worse than getting lost when you are taking a long car journey. As soon as you realise that you’re going the wrong way, everyone gets frustrated. And it can be pretty hard to get back on the right track. So, you need to have your entire route planned out in advance. If you have a GPS app on your phone, use it to tell you directions as you drive. That way, you won’t make any of the mistakes that could throw your journey completely off course. You should also plan out the breaks and stops that will allow everyone to stretch their legs.


If You Have Kids, Set Off at the Right Time

Choosing the time when you start your journey is something that should be done strategically. It’s up to you to choose when you start your journey, but some times are better than others. For example, it can be a really good idea to start the journey at night if you want your children to sleep through it. This will mean that the journey will skip by for them, and you won’t have to worry about keeping them busy for the duration of it. If you do this, you will have to make sure that the driver is well rested enough to handle the journey though. Driving when tired is never a good idea.

Think About Entertainment

Entertainment is a big deal when you have kids to think about. If they get bored, then they won’t hesitate in letting you know about it. And no parents enjoys having to deal with bored children when you’re all stuck in a car together. So, it’s very important to have this planned out as far in advance as possible. There are many different ways you can keep them entertained. You might want to invest in some screens that can be fixed to the back of the headrests. They can then watch something for the duration of the journey, and hopefully keeping them quiet.



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