Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Getting Summer Ready: The Things A Woman Needs To Think About

Summer isn’t too far away now. We are promised warmer days and sunshine. Although in the UK we shouldn’t hold our breath, just in case. However, as we approach the warmer months, women start to think about the same things. It’s not just about dieting for a bikini body or things like that. We should be happy with how we look. But it’s more the little things. So I thought I’d share with you some of the things women need to think about, maybe you already have?


Shaving your legs

For some of us our legs don’t get much attention during winter. This might be down to the fact they are covered up every day. But as Summer approaches and the promise of weather getting better it’s natural for us to want to wear some summery clothes. These tend to be shorts or dresses don’t they? Which means we need to consider removing the hair from our legs. This might be down to shaving. Which is the quickest way of doing it. Or you may want to consider waxing or laser hair removal. However you do it, I do think it’s something we all think about.

Personal hygiene

Warmer weather means feeling hotter, which means we are bound to get sweaty and feel a little awful at times. So we need to think about our personal hygiene and perhaps upping our game a little. There are stronger deodorants you can buy at supermarkets. There are other things to consider like products from Aquarius Hygiene or just keeping ourselves cooler. No one needs to tell anyone to shower more; I think that goes without saying. But it’s just worth remembering to take extra care of ourselves in the Summer.

Sun cream

Over the next few weeks, we enter official sun cream season. Being in the UK, we tend to not apply sun cream as much as we should. It’s as if we think that because we are here, we won’t burn or cause damage to our skin from being in the sun. But we can still be subject to harmful UV rays. A great idea is to apply sun cream in a morning instead of a body moisturiser, that way you are good to go. Then you just need to keep it topped up throughout the day, but at least the initial protection is there.

Wearable Makeup

We may not want to apply a full face of makeup in the Summer, but we may want to still have something on. So it’s advisable to consider some wearable makeup. A good BB cream is a great place to start as a base. Then just apply a bronzer to add some definition to your cheeks. It may also be recommended to use a waterproof mascara.

Breathable clothes

Finally, it will be worth investing in some breathable clothes for Summer. Linen is a great material to use, and you can pick up some great trousers and tops. These will keep you cool and still have you looking fashionable.

I hope this has prompted you to think about getting yourself prepared for Summer. 

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