Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Little Details That Will Help Make Your Wedding A Dream

As the old saying goes, the devil is in the details. That’s true when you’re planning a wedding. It’s amazing the difference the changes that the tiniest details can make. We can look at jewellery as an example here. Picking the right jewelry as a bride can really alter your wedding. Just think about how the light often captures the right diamond or tiara. It can be the difference between looking like you and looking as stunning as a princess. Of course, it helps if you spend just a little more money and we’ll get to that further down. For now, let’s look at some of the smallest details that could dramatically change your wedding.

Song Choice

You might not think of song choice at your wedding as an important decision. But look at it this way. What makes a DJ great? It’s almost certainly the play list that they choose. A great playlist from a DJ can make a party a night you’ll never forget. You can separate your wedding into two events. The ceremony and the wedding reception. The reception essentially is just one massive and extravagant party. Therefore it makes sense that music choice is going to be a big part of making it a hit. Despite seeming like a small decision at first. But it’s not just the music at the reception that you need to think about. You should consider the tune that you walk down the aisle with too. After all, that’s going to shape the whole tone of your wedding. It doesn’t have to be the traditional wedding march either. It can be anything that you think could fit your wedding.

Jewellery And Rings

We told you we’d come back to that jewellery and of course the rings. It should come as no surprise that details here play a huge part in shaping your wedding. After all, your wedding does start with one getting down on one knee with a ring in their hand. That ring they’re holding, it’s got to shine and be perfect. It has to be the ring that makes them want to say yes. So, obviously, you should spend some time thinking about the engagement ring. But people often forget that the wedding bands are important too. You should spend a while looking for the right his and hers wedding bands. If all goes well, you’ll both be wearing one for the rest of your lives, after all.

The Vows

Finally, it’s possible that you’re writing your own vows for the wedding. That’s great and quite a romantic idea. But you do need to make sure that they are perfect. Spend a few months before the wedding writing them. Take a trip down memory lane to reach the heart of why you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Make sure that you don’t just end up with something that could have come out of a cracker. There is nothing worse than sitting at a wedding and seeing vows exchanged with no emotion.

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