Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Tips & Tricks For Planning A Sophisticated Get Together

Recently, dinner parties have become all the rage. Thanks to the success of Channel Four’s ‘Come Dine With Me’, elegant get-togethers have become the next big thing. While there’s nothing wrong with dinner parties, they come with a lot of stress. They’re great for getting together with your closest friends, but it has to be said that they are a lot of hassle.

That’s why it’s a much better option to plan your next get-together at a local restaurant. Instead of holding it in your home. That way, not only is there less stress on you, but you will also have the opportunity to enjoy yourself and relax with your friends. Instead of having to stress out about getting all the food cooked and served on time.


Want to know all my best tips and tricks for organising a sophisticated, dinner party style event? All you need to do is keep reading, as all is about to be revealed.

Create a guest list

Just like you would when planning a dinner party at your home, you need to create a guest list. Your venue will need to know how many people will be in attendance so that they can plan the meals and so on. Put together a list of everyone who you would like to come - try to choose people who you know will get on. There’s nothing more awkward than a get together where people don’t get on. So it’s worth being choosy about who you invite to prevent any awkwardness between guests.

Think about your restaurant options

The most important part of planning a get together is choosing the restaurant to hold it at carefully. Ideally, you want to choose somewhere that will be able to cater to everyone in the group’s needs. As well as somewhere that's affordable for everyone. It’s also worth selecting somewhere that offers private room hire, such as L'anima, for instance. So that there’s an intimate feel to your gathering like you would get at a dinner party.

Get everyone’s orders in

If you want the night to go without a hitch, it’s best to get everyone’s food orders in beforehand. That way, there’s no stressing about picking dishes out on the night. This will also mean that if anyone has any special dietary requirements, the restaurant will be aware of them. Most places can cater to vegans, nut allergy sufferers and people who are gluten-free, but it’s always best that they know in advance.

Don’t forget those extra touches

No matter the reason for planning a get-together, it’s important to think about those little extra touches. From decorating the room to giving your guests a glass of champagne, there’s lots of ways you can make the night extra special. Just because it’s not a traditional dinner party, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it just as exciting.

Hopefully, this guide has given you all the essential information that you need to plan the perfect get together. Pick the perfect place, be organised, and you’ll have the most amazing time. 

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