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3 Metabolism Boosting Foods (That Taste Yummy Too!)

As a mother, I like to make sure I’m making healthy foods. I want to give my family nice things to eat that will benefit them too. Recently, I found some great foods that help to boost your metabolism. This means they can help you lose weight! I’ve got my top metabolism-boosting foods in this article for you all to enjoy too. If you want to shed some lingering pregnancy pounds, then adding these into your diet will help. Plus, they help keep your family in a healthy shape too!

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For those of you that only eat turkey at Christmas, you may want to reconsider your stance! It’s proven to be an excellent metabolism-boosting food. Turkey has a high protein content, which helps keep your metabolism up and helps you lose weight. It may seem like a boring food, but there're lots you can do with it! Turkey is great in various recipes; I’m sure you’ll find something for the whole family to enjoy. Of course, you can settle with the classic roast turkey if you want a nice Sunday lunch. Then, you’ve got plenty of leftovers to make turkey sandwiches or an adventurous turkey curry! In fact, you could even use cooked turkey as a topping on a delicious pizza.

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I was surprised to learn that chilli is brilliant for your body. Obviously, too much hot stuff is going to be bad for you, so eat it in moderation! But, chillis are great for speeding up your metabolism and helping you burn fat. I won’t get too technical here, but it’s all to do with what makes them spicy. The thing that gives chillies their spice helps with metabolism. The great thing about them is that there are loads of healthy chilli snacks out there. So, you don’t have to eat raw chilli every day to get the benefits! In fact, it’s the perfect excuse to nibble on some dark chilli chocolate.


If you’re after a ‘superfood’, then spinach is the one for you. This little green vegetable has so many amazing nutrients crammed inside it. As well as speeding up your metabolism, it can help protect you against loads of diseases. I think you should get your kids eating spinach at a young age; it will be great for their health. The only drawback of this food is that some people don’t like the taste. Kids are particularly disgusted by anything green - many years of parenting has taught me that! But, you can still get your kids eating healthy spinach without complaining of the taste. Whizz it up in a smoothie and the taste will disappear. Just add it to any typical smoothie recipe and your kids will drink it without knowing it’s there, genius!

Start adding these foods into your diet if you want to see the benefits of a fast metabolism. Parenting can be hard as you don’t have much time to look after your health. You’re too concerned with the little ones, so it’s easy to keep the pregnancy pounds on for longer than you intended. Tweaking your diet is all it takes to lead to a healthier, fitter you. And, your family will stay healthy as well!


  1. I reckon a turkey, chilli and spinach flat bread is definitely on the cards!


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