Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Clever Ways to Save on Your Wedding Reception

It's no secret that weddings are expensive. However, some people act as if the cost of their wedding is completely out of their control. In reality, you can set a budget and make an attempt to stick to it, even if you do go a little over. There are no definite figures for what various parts of the wedding cost. And if something is pushing your spending too high, you can always reconsider how lavish you need it or whether you need it at all. There are so many ways you can save on your wedding reception if you take a relaxed approach.

Venue Selection

When it comes to saving on your wedding, it's all about the venue you choose. Many people have a particular style of venue in mind for their big day. However, how important is the reception venue in reality? If you look at your options, there might be a significant difference in the exterior of the buildings available. However, once you get inside, the function rooms often look largely the same. Look at some of the wedding setup examples from various event venues. You'll see lots of rooms decorated in white, perhaps with some ribbons around the chairs. With this in mind, you could spend a lot less on your venue than you need to.


A good party has to have dancing, or at least some background music. Many couples will choose to hire a DJ or even a wedding band. However, both of these options can be expensive. They do both have their benefits too. A band gives you live music that will entertain everyone, but they won't want to play until the early hours of the morning. A DJ can respond to requests and what everyone is enjoying. However, they could just as easily fail to get people interested. Another option some music lovers take is to make their own wedding playlist. You can pick all the music you love, and that your friends and family enjoy, and stream it through the venue's sound system.


Feeding everyone can be expensive, especially when you add the cost of drinks on top of food. Your worst nightmare is paying for a meal for someone who doesn't turn up on the day. There are several ways you can save on the food you provide. First of all, you don't necessarily have to do a full sit-down meal. You could lay on a buffet or even do a couple of light courses so everyone can nibble. If it's a super relaxed wedding, ask the guests to bring a dish.


Decorating your venue doesn't have to be expensive. Making some of your own decorations and party favours can help you to save. However, if you don't have time, you can still do it cheaply. Don't confine yourself to looking at things labelled as wedding decorations. Think outside of the box and find any discounted decorations that could work.

You can save on your wedding reception if you're willing to be flexible. Keep an open mind about what you want and you can find ways to save.

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