Wednesday, 15 June 2016

How To Throw The Perfect Dinner Party

Most of us enjoy having friends or family over for dinner. It’s far more intimate and relaxed than eating out. Of course, there is all the preparation and cleaning up to worry about after! But having the place to yourselves, with your own choice of music, makes the whole evening more pleasant. So how do you throw the perfect dinner party?

Diet is always going to be a huge consideration. The bigger the party, the more diets you need to accommodate. But there is also your own diet to think of. You might want a nice night off enjoying all those delicious delicacies you usually have to abstain from. Or you might want to try and create the perfect healthy and wholesome meal to share with your best friends around the table.

A good dinner party may start with some entrees or small bite platters for guests to help themselves before they sit to the table. You may want something elaborate like sturgeon caviar, or something cute and simple like fruit kebabs. You might also serve some exotic drinks like cocktails or some aperitifs. Set the mood with some relaxed music at a low level. You can reduce the intensity of the lighting when the guests come to the table.

Setting the table for a dinner party is easier than you think. All you need is some fresh table linen or just placemats with a centre runner. You can dress up the evening with a floral centrepiece or lit candelabra. Use an attractive glass jug filled with ice cubes and lemon slices for the table water. Wine glasses and water glasses will both be needed. The white wine should sit in an ice bucket to keep it chilled at the table. You might also want to use placename cards too.

Starters should be small. A goat’s cheese tarte or melon with coulee are good choices. It needs to be light, especially if you are providing an indulgent main course. You might be preparing two different main courses. One may be meat or fish. The other could be vegetarian. If you’re looking for healthier options, choose grilled chicken or salmon. And steam the vegetables rather than roasting or frying.

Dessert is often the favourite course of any meal. You can choose something cute and healthy like strawberry hearts. Or provide something incredibly sensuous and luxurious like a tiramisu. Get the coffee machine rumbling in the background. You could serve liqueur coffees by adding a splash of Baileys. You might even offer brandy or cognac!

Of course, many dinner parties can be a failure despite the excellent cuisine. Conversation is a huge part of any successful dinner party. Have a few ideas for topics of interest should things go quiet during the meal. Try to bring up interesting things about each of your guests too. Of course, if everyone knows everybody, you won’t have much to do! Finally, at the end of the evening, consider a few party games to keep everyone entertained. Have a fantastic evening.


  1. Always love the dinner and party time. Great post!

    1. Aw thank you :) It's one of my favourite excuses for a get together


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