Monday, 6 June 2016

Kate & Carl :: 30th Birthday Tag

With Carl's Birthday on the 11th of June and mine on the 28th, there is only just over 2 weeks between us age wise and this year, we are both hitting the big 30. It's rare that Carl gets involved in my blog but I decided seeing as we're hitting a milestone birthday together, it would be nice for us to do the 30th Birthday Tag. 

Question 1: What is your favourite memory or time from your 20s and why?

Carl: Meeting Kate and setting up for a future together because I finally found my soul mate and I love her to bits.

Kate: It would have to be when I met Carl. We met when we were 26 and I wish it could of been sooner because he's my world. Also seeing Sarah start school and then move to secondary school has been really memorable.

Question 2: What is your least favourite memory or time from your 20s and why?

Carl:Buying a house with my ex because it didn't feel right and was more about giving my parents a quick sale on the house. A massive fuck up on my part.

Kate: Goes without saying it has to be when I lost my best friend and my dad when I was 21. It may have been 9 years ago but the feelings are still very raw.

Question 3: How do you want your 30s to feel?

Carl: Debt free!!

Kate: I want them to be relaxed and enjoyable. My 20s have been bloody difficult with losing loved ones and money issue's so I really want my 30s to be the polar opposite of that.

Question 4: Where did you think you would be right now?

Carl: I wasn't 100% sure because in my early twenties, I considered a total career change so not thought where I was going to be.

Kate: I thought I would be married with at least 1 more child if not 2.

Question 5: Are you there yet? Do you still want to be there?

Carl: No but I'm happy with where I am now

Kate: Unfortunately not. I really hope it will be soon though.

Question 6: What things do you want to accomplish in this next phase of your life?

Carl: Start to rent our own house, start planning for the future and start enjoying life as much as possible. Also a definite wedding!

Kate: I really want to be married with more kids by the time I'm 35 but I'd also like to set up a successful business. I have such an issue with authority so being able to work for myself is a real dream.

Question 7: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Carl: Hopefully be in our own house, debt free, a small Coates walking around and married.

Kate: Again I want to be married with more kids. Honestly, I would be happy if I had at least one of those dreams come true in 5 years but if I have them both I would be thrilled.

Question 8: 10 Years?

Carl: Definitely married with more kids, a nice house and hopefully my dad will still be around.

Kate: I really hope that by the time I'm 40, we have our own house and my business is doing well. I also think me and Carl will be grandparents by that stage too. By the time we're 40, Sarah will be 24 and as much as I know she wants to become a Physiotherapist, I can't help but think she will be a young mum like I was.

Question 9: What did you learn in your 20s that you will carry through into your 30s?

Carl: Not to do things for convenience if they don't feel right because I've done it and I regretted it. Also don't take anything for granted.

Kate: Money is important. Though I haven't been destitute or get into thousands of pounds worth of debt, I really took it for granted. I guess in your 20s you are still young and naive and I really was.

Question 10: What is the one thing you want to give up in your 30s?

Carl: I can't answer this because I don't do anything that I really need to give up lol.

Kate: Ideally I want to give up smoking. I've done it a few times before so I know I have it in me but having been a smoker since I was 13, I'm at the point where I need a really valid reason, a baby would be just that.

Question 11: What's the one thing you want more of in your 30s

Carl: A shit tonne of better luck because me and Kate never seem to have any.

Kate: Money, naturally.

Question 12: What do you need to make time for?

Carl: Do more family things and family time.

Kate: Me and Carl need to make more time for each other. Now Sarah is officially a teenager, we are happy to let her go out more with friends and have accepted that she is in the phase of shutting herself away in her room and not wanting to spend as much time with us. It's sad but it's perfectly normal. So because of this, me and Carl will have more time to spend together doing things we enjoy.

Question 13: What's the one thing you would do if you knew you couldn't fail?

Carl:Rob a bank!!

Kate: Stop Carl from going fishing hahaha. No I've fully accepted my fishing widow status and I would rather he go fishing at weekends than being down the pub.

Question 14: Are you in love with a person who genuinely loves you back?

Carl: I hope so or I'll have to have a rethink about my previous answers!

Kate: 100%. Me and Carl have so much banter and we have a laugh from insulting each other and taking the piss but we genuinely love each other. He's not only my boyfriend and the man I want to marry but he really is my best friend. I genuinely love him more everyday.

Question 15: How do you feel about turning 30?

Carl: It's a good thing as it marks the start of the next chapter of my life.

Kate: I don't feel any different. Age really is a number but I must admit, after feeling like I have been in my 20s since the stone age, it's going to be weird having to put myself in a completely new age bracket when filling in personal details!!


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