Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Congratulations! You're Pregnant. Here's What Happens Next

More and more women are having their first child later in life. There are lots of supposed reasons for it. Careers, meeting life partners later, not being ready for a family. I guess a lot of people simply can’t afford it too early in life, with the cost of family houses being so high. They say pregnancy is harder if you’re over thirty. Maybe they’re right. Or maybe when you’re older and wiser and settled in life, you can slow down and enjoy the magic that’s about to happen.

Morning sickness doesn’t happen to everyone. Some people that do suffer it only have a day or two of nausea. But it can be quite serious if you are vomiting for days. Dehydration quickly sets in, and you can become quite poorly. Doctors are pretty good at treating this kind of thing. If you choose to ride it out, make sure you drink plenty. It’s rare for the morning sickness to last more than a couple of weeks.

As you start to fill out a little, you may need to start telling people that you’re pregnant. And if you work in a hazardous job, you may be obligated to reveal your condition from the very start. There are lots of things that can harm you and your baby. But for most people, working until a week or two before the due date is possible. You just might not want to!

There are lots of things to do to get ready for your new arrival. You may not have a choice, especially as the nesting instinct kicks in. The sooner you start, the better, because as you get bigger, physically demanding tasks are harder. However, you may need a few extra weeks to save up for all the nursery furniture! When you reach your third trimester, you will definitely be showing, and you should be considering the type of birth you want.

You can choose a hospital birth, surrounded by the best professionals to help deliver your baby safely. This needs to be booked in based on your due date. Many women prefer to have their baby at home. You might choose a particular room in your house like the bedroom. Or you may choose a water birth in a larger space like your living room. There are certainly more options if you deliver at home. Midwives will be present to help you through the labour and to safely deliver your child.

Even if you want to have your baby born at home, do still pack a ‘go bag’. You have every right to change your mind. And your midwives have a responsibility to advise you to move to the hospital if they feel you would be more comfortable. The bag may never be opened, but it’s handy to have it just in case.

Your newborn will need a little hat, a dozen or so baby grows, a swaddling blanket and newborn nappies. Cotton wool and warm water is the best way to clean him at first. You may need a few more postpartum accessories, all of which can be popped in your go bag. Now you’re ready to welcome your tiny bundle of joy into the world.

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