Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Making Your Little Boy's Dreams Come Alive!

Anyone who has ever known a mum to a young boy - or who has ever been a young boy - will know how their imaginations work. We've all seen it, when a big toy is opened up on Christmas morning. The must-have present of the season, it cost a few weeks' wages. And your little child looks delighted and then crawls in to the box. That box instantly becomes a spaceship or a racing car. Because that's boys for you.
A boy's imagination can turn anything into anything. A few boxes and a duvet and, hey presto, it's a fort. And this is why a boy's room needs to work with their imagination. In years to come it will be plastered with posters and "Keep Out" signs, but for now it needs to feed that active imagination. All of his interests will be reflected by how you decorate it.
Although you can be confident that any boy will have a wide range of interests, you cannot just go with the standards and think "job done". Some boys want to be astronauts. Others dream of being sports stars. Still others will show a musical side from an early age. Let's face it, they won't be shy about letting you know. And you can bring their interests into decorating their room either with wallpaper or, for versatility, wall art.
A child's fast-moving imagination means that wall stickers are a very useful way to make their interests come to life. If they show an interest in nature, then there are animal stickers aplenty. There's also the chance to make a space-obsessed kid feel like bedtime is a trip to the moon. Additionally, there are educational options that will help when it comes to learning to read. Done this way, learning never feels like a chore.
One of the advantages about using stickers to decorate is that each wall of your boy's bedroom can reflect a different interest. On one wall he can be on safari in Africa, and if he turns 90 degrees he's in an enchanted forest. Boys themselves can jump from interest to interest, so it makes sense that boys wall art reflects this. It seems strange to say it, but at this early stage lifelong interests can be forged. It makes sense to give him options.
One useful benefit of wall art is that various kinds include a chalkboard or whiteboard option that allows your child to customise it. You don't want them drawing on walls (but you know they will because, hey, they're boys). By providing a space where they can do it without mess, you can give free rein to their creative side.
Offering your little boy the chance to turn his bedroom into a waking dream world will ensure that he's not bored and can always find something to do. We can all remember that time when we were their age. We developed interests in those days that are still with us now. The greatest gift you can give a boy is a lifelong interest, and how you decorate his bedroom can achieve this.


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