Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Safeguarding Your Little Ones If The Worst Happens

It’s a topic we often don’t want to consider, let alone talk about. But it’s important that you know your little ones are well taken care of it the worst were to come about. Most of us should live to a ripe old age and get to see our children grow and mature into beautiful adults, who might have their own kids who we get to meet to. But when it comes to caring for the ones you love, you need to also keep worst case scenarios too. So how do you best tend to your children’s needs in all potential situations?


Designated Guardian

I guess this is the equivalent of a Godparent. Essentially, a designated guardian is someone close to you who you can trust. This person will take over the role of caring for your child if you are no longer able to. This is a huge responsibility for somebody to take on, so choose wisely and ensure that they are completely comfortable with the position. Don’t pressure someone into agreeing to this.

Write A Will

A will makes things much easier for your family and friends when it comes to sorting out your finances and sharing your property. If you don’t write a will, everything will be divided out according to the law. Though this may seem fair, money and provisions that you want your children to have could be taken from them and given to somebody else. This is especially important if your children are young, young adults, or depend on you financially for other reasons. Another reason to write a will is that it will reduce the inheritance tax taken from your savings and property.


Invest in life insurance

There are plenty of articles out there on finding the best life insurance quotes and policies for you. An example is Take your time when choosing a policy, but once it’s in place, it can help cover funeral costs and give your children so money to live off until they find their own feet in the world.

Write notes to leave behind

If you’ve been diagnosed as terminally ill, you might want to consider leaving notes behind for big events in your children’s lives. An 18th birthday, a graduation, a marriage, a baby, etc. This way you can still be there for them in spirit on their big days, even if you can’t be there in person.

Create as many memories as possible

It’s all fine leaving physical possessions to your little ones. But memories will hold much greater importance. Make the most of your time with them and live everyday as if it’s your last. As they say, Carpe diem. Go on trips. Take photographs. Make videos. Learn together. Play together. Bond with your children and leave nothing but good and positive memories and associations.

Prevention is better than cure

Take care of yourself. You need to look after yourself, because you have other people who need you to be well enough look after them. Kick bad habits such as excessive drinking or smoking. Lay off the unhealthy meals and snacks. The inevitable will happen one day but you can do your best to postpone it.

As well as keeping yourself healthy, keep an eye on your children’s health. It’s important that they get all of their nutrients to grow big and strong. Try reading my piece on getting them to eat their fruit and veg. 

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