Thursday, 8 December 2016

My Go To Christmas Movies | Sponsored

Frankly, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without watching festive films. It's not that I get chance to watch them day in day out in the lead up to the big day but when I get the chance, I like to make myself a hot chocolate, get into my comfy clothes and watch my favourite Christmas movies.

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Choosing my favourite go to Christmas movies was tricky as there are so many but I've managed to wittle it down to my top 3.

The Holiday

I can't even begin to feel remotely festive until I've watched The Holiday. It's one of those films that can so easily be related to if you have or are facing Christmas alone whether by choice or circumstance. What I love about The Holiday, is that I can relate to each of the characters (Iris, Amanda, Graham & Miles) and their individual stories and it makes me feel all warm inside when everything comes right for them in the end. Don't worry there are no spoilers today but if you want to get in the festive mood or even if you are feeling a bit low and are in need of a film to make you smile, this is it.

Love Actually

An admission here but I only watched this for the first time in 2015 after being badgered by friends to give it a watch and I'm glad their nagging was actually beneficial. I love British made films like Notting Hill & Four Weddings & A Funeral so I had high expectations for this and I wasn't disappointed. Films that have multiple story lines always get my attention and the fact all of these are all tied by Love makes me really happy. Some things happen that may shock you and if you're like me, you will find yourself screaming at your tv shouting 'WHY..WHY?!' But as a Christmas film, Love Actually has it all. Love, sorrow, Christmas spirit and laughter.

Father Christmas

Raymond Briggs is best known for creating 'The Snowman' which of course is a Christmas TV staple, but for me, 'Father Christmas' is what makes Christmas official for me. I've watched this every year since I was a toddler and I introduced Sarah to it who loves it in equal measure. I love the concept behind it. He's in dire need of a holiday before his busiest night of the year comes around again and he can't seem to find the perfect destination - He's either recognised, falls ill or blows all his money and being voiced by the amazing Mel Smith makes Father Christmas the typical, grumpy Englander. Like The Snowman, it's only a short film but it's heart warming and I can't wait to watch it with my grandchildren one day.

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