Thursday, 16 February 2017

A Guide To Choosing The Right School

Depending on the age of your children, you can be looking for a number of different things.  If they are just starting out you will have one set of priorities and for those going into further education you will have another.  We have pulled together a handy guide for finding the perfect school and giving your children the best start in life.

Consider Your Child

First question you should ask yourself is about your child.  Are they shy, extrovert or pretty laid back.  Do they make friends easily or prefer being in smaller circles.  Have they shown signs of being talented in one area or do they need a little extra support?  If you can get to grips with their needs and desires then you can start ticking schools of the list.  

At What Cost?

Making the decision to send your child to a private school is hard.  You need to ensure you can keep them in private education throughout their academic career because a switch could be far more dramatic than just simply changing schools.  However if you do have the opportunity to make this investment into their future then grab it with both hands.  The relationships between teachers and parents tends to be a closer one and most children will form better bonds with their teachers in a private education setting too.  

Are They Culturally Diverse?

This may seem like an odd consideration, but we need our children to have a balance of all cultures if we want them to grow up to believe in equality and understanding the differences between human beings.  Or perhaps you are in an ethnic minority yourself which means it’s even more important to find a school which has the correct attitude when it comes to respecting culture, religion and race.  Most schools will be incredibly focussed on these areas however it is still important to ensure their policies fit yours!

What Extracurricular Activity Do They Offer

School should of course be about work and results however it is also important they offer a good range of sports and relevant school trips to ensure our children get a rounded education of both academic subjects and the world surrounding them.  You may also want to find out if parents can assist on the trips or if there is any support for those on a lower income

Delivering Results

Obviously this is the most important factor for most.  How does the school perform when it comes to exam results?  Do they have a strong anti bullying policy and have they made that work?  You can get loads of facts about your chosen school via the internet or ask them to provide you with their statistics over the last few years.  Look for patterns and improvements.  Often a change in head teacher can make a huge difference to the performance of the pupils.  

Do plenty of research and take the time to visit as many of your local schools as you can.  Don’t forget to bring your kids along too and to talk to them about what they want.  It is the beginning of a long journey and the very start of their future as young adults.  

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