Monday, 27 February 2017

Having Fun With Your Children Is Not Negatively Influencing Them

There’s a huge misconception about what is a bad influence and what is overprotective parenting. Of course, there are some blatant situations where your children’s friends or people they’ve met over the internet are having a negative influence on them. Child grooming is extremely dangerous if your children meet some rather questionable people on the internet, which is why there are so many parental controls on routers and computers to prevent this.

However, things such as playing video games, taking them to have fun outdoors and letting them get a little loud are not bad at all. In fact, children have so much energy that they need to release it at one point or another or else they’ll be stuck at home studying forever. You want your children to have fun and to enjoy life, make memories and friends, and ultimately feel comfortable.

Taking your children out

Many protective parents are far too concerned about taking their children out. As long as you’re monitoring them and taking them to controlled spaces to play games and have fun, such as Lakeside Karting to teach them the fun of driving, then you have nothing to worry about. Parents are worried about having their children taken away or kidnapped, or running into dangerous looking folk that will negatively influence their child. But sadly, unless you want your child to live a sheltered life where they never see the outside world, you’re going to have to take them out to experience life on their own instead of telling them about it in the safety of their home.

Video games being bad is a myth

Think about all the people this generation who are now young adults. They have jobs, they studied hard, some are entrepreneurs, and video games have made some YouTube content creators very wealthy. Video games are no worse than movies when it comes to consuming content, and even the effect of violent films is up for debate. Cartoons nowadays are very happy-looking, colourful and cheerful. However, if you consider the cartoons the previous generation was brought up on and try watching them, you’ll notice a huge amount of innuendos and questionable content that will make you think “did I really watch this when I was young?”. Exposing your children to video games doesn’t make them violent, it’s a media myth and is grossly exaggerated.

Exposing them to the world exposes them to career choices

Keeping your child locked indoors is a stupid way to protect them. The less they know about the real world, the harder it will be for them to live independently. If you’re serious about providing the best for your child then you would be wise to let them know about their options in life. Tell them about the things they can do when they grow up, show them places in the real world and expose them to everything life has to offer. The earlier you do this, the more chances your child has to develop a passion for someone that could eventually turn into a hobby, career or something even greater like a business.

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