Thursday, 16 February 2017

Raising A Well Rounded, Compassionate Child

Nobody ever said that raising a child was easy, and more than a few have said that it’s, well, it’s more difficult than you could ever imagine. Ouch. We’re not going to disagree there. You won’t get everything right - sometimes it’ll feel like you’re not getting anything right - but if you do the right things, then it’ll eventually show in your child. Maybe not tomorrow, or a year from now, but when they’ve grown - which is how you should determine your success, not when they’re in the middle of growing! - you’ll see how they’ve benefited from your actions. And what will those actions be? I’m glad you asked...


The Outdoors

Too many children spend all of their either indoors or in a heavily built up area. As such, it can only be later in life when they spend any meaningful amount of time in an area that can be considered “the outdoors”. But you should be making sure that your child is able to spend time in the outdoors as they’re growing. It broadens their horizons, keeps them fit, and they’ll also acquire a string of useful life skills. On a more philosophical level, it’ll make them aware - consciously or not - of their broader position in the universe. And if that doesn’t make them behave...

Tolerance for Other Beings

Children can be pretty cruel, and it’s difficult as a parent to always be on top of how they’re interacting with others. There’s enough going on! But as adults, one of the few things that really matter is how you treat others. The earlier a person learns that they should treat all beings with compassion, the better they’ll take what they’ve learnt into adulthood. Buy your family a pet; it can be a fish from or a puppy, it doesn’t matter - they’ll inherently learn how to take care of another creature. Also make sure they know that all humans, from the cleaner through to the Royal Family, are equal and deserve respect. If everyone learnt that as a youngster, the world would be a much better place.

To Travel

We know that you have limited time to go on holiday, and you might just want to spend a week in the sun. That’s fine. But from time to time, try and go on a trip that exposes your son and/or daughter to a completely different culture. They’ll become a more worldly, well-rounded human being for it, and that’s crucial if they’re going to become a success in adulthood. Of course, also feel free to spend a day or two where you teach them the joys of doing nothing but lying next to a pool….

Following the Heart

As a parent, you want your child to be safe. After that, it’s only one thing that matters: their happiness! Instil in them the confidence to do whatever it is in life they want to do and they’ll be in the best possible position to live a happy, productive life full of passion. And now isn’t that nice?

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