Monday, 6 March 2017

Stepping Out: Keeping Your Children Comfortable Throughout The Day

As soon as our children start to walk, so does our never ending task of buying the correct shoes.  Buying adult shoes is simple.  We know our size, we know the style we like and then we buy a pair that should last us a lifetime.  Children however are still growing and developing so making sure their shoes fit perfectly is a must.  If you don’t look after them now you could be causing future problems.

Toddlers who are in the house need shoes and are pretty easy to buy for, their first pair is an exciting milestone and whilst they will have an idea of what they like, they probably won’t be too fussy.  As soon as your children start walking outdoors though, they will need a good form of foot protection.  You have eighteen years of shoe shopping to get through and as the years go buy, your children will develop their own style and might become a little more selective.  This means you job is going to get tough.  However we have some great advice for new mums and experienced mums to help ensure your children are wearing the best fit for their feet.

Checking your children’s shoes is something you ought to be doing constantly.  There can be periods where their growth appears to plateau and there are times where they grow so quickly you might find you are buying two pairs of shoes across a six week period.  Young children won’t be able to verbalize their shoes are causing them grief, so every time you get them dressed, have a good feel of the fit.   

Measuring their feet is also important.  You cannot do this yourself as well as a proper shoe shop can.  If you have to then you could use a piece of paper to trace the outline of their feet.  You can then take a measurement from the heel to the furthest toe and across the ball of the foot.  This will help you to purchase shoes without long queues to get it done in store.

Younger children need a flexible sole.  Due to small bones and soft tendons, stiff soles can prevent the foot from growing properly.  Unfortunately softer shoe materials don’t offer much protection or support and will wear through much quicker.  So if your children are more active then you will need a stiffer sole.  

Look for shoes that are made with breathable materials such as canvas or ones with vents in them. Kids are very high-energy and may play active games for hours on end. Their shoes should allow their feet to breathe and get air.

You should ensure your children have their shoes off as often as possible, so get them used to taking them off as soon as they are indoors.  Their feet need to be free to move and grow without being restricted by leather or tight shoes.  This will ensure you have happy children with happy feet and as a result, you will have a happier relationship with shoe shopping.

Which is really good.  Because you are going to be doing an awful lot of it over the coming years! 

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