Monday, 22 May 2017

Husky And Healthy: Why Having A Pet Is Good For You

Has it ever crossed your mind about having a pet? For a lot of people, having a pet is a lot of hassle for very little in return. They cost money, and you have to feed them, but did you know that having a pet is actually very good for your health? Let’s have a look at the benefits.

If you’ve ever cuddled a friend’s dog and felt all lovely and warm inside, that’s because your body is releasing a chemical called oxytocin, which has a calming and relaxing effect on people. It’s something that mothers release when they cuddle their babies, and cuddling your pet not only helps to release that chemical, but it will strengthen the bond you have. And depending on the type of person you are, not all of us are cuddly people, a cat is a different type of bond, and is more at arm’s length than anything. But when cats show their affection, they will cuddle up in their owner’s lap. The crazy cat lady syndrome may appear bonkers to most of us, but that cat lady is oxytocined up to the eyeballs!

Not only is there the happy hormone aspect, but wellbeing can be improved overall. Exposing children to pets at a young age reduces their chances of getting allergies like rhinitis or asthma. And the bond between child and pet is one we've all seen on TV and so forth, but the overall mental outlook of a lonesome child, when compared to a child with a companion, can be vastly different. For pets like dogs, a routine is very important, so the regular walks (or runs, depending on the level of your dog’s “enthusiasm”) will help to build up good cardiovascular health. And for children who have no sense of routine in their lives, this will encourage one. The task of looking after an animal that relies on you for everything will encourage a sense of responsibility, whatever your age! From buying food and essentials to comfy cushions or a leather dog pillow, the comforts your dog needs will be your responsibility. Even if you live alone, the fulfilment in owning a pet will stave off feelings of loneliness and encourage feelings of responsibility.
It is also a great method of calming down, as owning a pet will decrease the amount of cortisol you have in your body. This is the stress hormone that is released whenever we’re under pressure or have some anxiety. If you find yourself to be of an anxious disposition, you may find that the constant company will improve your whole outlook on life. Depression and anxiety are, unfortunately, very common, and if you find yourself in these states, this could help you to stave off clinical depression. And, a fun little fact, if you find yourself getting colds constantly, dog owners suffer fewer minor illnesses and ailments like colds! Of course, a pet will make you feel better, but make sure you have the means to give them the support and care they need.


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