Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Have Yourself A Thrifty Little Christmas

While you may have grand dreams of a mammoth goose on the table at Christmas, an eight foot monster tree, and presents galore for the kids, sometimes our budgets cannot match up to our lofty dreams. Just because you are not swimming in cash doesn’t mean that you cannot have a fantastic and memorable Christmas. Some of the most glorious aspects of the festive period are those things that cost very little at all. Remember when you were young and you baked mince pies with your mum, or when you handmade your Christmas cards complete with dried pasta and pipe cleaners? Why not hark back to this golden age and encourage your brood to embark on a thriftier winter holiday this year?

Save Up

If you haven’t started already, make sure that you budget to save a proportion of your wage each month towards Christmas. This doesn’t have to be hundreds of pounds. £20 here and there will soon add up to create a festive fund. If your finances have seen better days, consider venturing to a site like https://personalloan.co/ and explore the option of a short term loan, not to splash out on gifts, but to consolidate your debt, making festive budgeting easier. Specific Christmas saving schemes are handy for those people who struggle to keep their money in a bank account. It can be a pleasant surprise when you withdraw your cash at the beginning of December, and you have a tidy little nest egg ready to enjoy with your family.

Go For Experiences Over Gifts

The new trend is to purchase experiences like the ones at https://www.telegraph.co.uk, rather than unwrappable presents. If you are this way inclined, you could end up saving your family a whole load of cash. Consider what your family loves doing together. This could be heading to the beach, the movies or a city break. By exploring an experience gift for your offspring, you could be making more valuable memories than if you bought them a random computer game that they’ll soon stop playing by the end of January. There’s no better time to create moments of quality family time than the Christmas holidays.

Get Crafting

Nowadays there’s a craft for everything. You might fancy a spot of decoupage for your Christmas wrapping paper, getting the kids to bake some festive cupcakes for the neighbours or whipping up some homemade baubles and decorations for the tree. While it is a little more time consuming than heading to the shops, this way of celebrating Christmas can be more fulfilling and memorable. There’s nothing better than seeing your kids with glitter and glue and smiles on their faces to give you that warm festive feeling.

While Christmas is a time to splash out and live a little, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little frugality to your festive plans. Instead of breaking the bank, why not explore more thrifty options this year. The most important thing is that you and your brood can make happy Christmas memories that will last a lifetime.

Monday, 5 November 2018

Maintaining Your Sense of Style as a Mum

When you have kids, your whole life becomes about them. And on top of working and running a household, your appearance can easily slide down your list of priorities. Maybe you find yourself dressing for comfort, or where you’re rushing around in the morning find that you don’t exactly care about the way you look. But appearances are important, it’s more than just being shallow. It’s not to say you need to look like a catwalk model every day, but feeling like you look acceptable will boost your self esteem and help you to maintain your sense of identity. If you’re in a bit of a rut and aren’t liking what you see in the mirror, here are some easy and inexpensive ways you can make a change and feel like ‘you’ again.

Buy yourself a new outfit
When was the last time you bought yourself some new clothes, or experimented with your style? You really don't have to spend a fortune, places like Primark sell clothes incredibly cheaply or you could scour your local charity shops. A new dress, jacket or top might be just what you need to give yourself a boost. You can mix and match with things you already have or invest in an entirely new outfit. Choose clothes that flatter your figure and when you put them on, make you feel happy and confident. You don’t need to parade around in new things every day, but if you’re going out somewhere or just feel like looking nice on some days then you have the ability to do so.

Try a new makeup look
Makeup is a fantastic tool. It can be used to subtly enhance your looks, or totally transform them. As a busy mum, why not master a ‘five minute makeup routine’- a bit of foundation, blush, eyeliner and mascara can make you look fresh and finished and can boost your self esteem all day. If you want to go bolder, experiment with false lashes, contouring, smokey eyes and bright lipstick. There are plenty of ideas on sites like Pinterest and Youtube tutorials for women of all ages, regardless of your style. Again, you don’t need to spend much- makeup from the high street can be very good. Read some reviews online for the best budget items.

Get a piercing
A piercing is a fun way to express yourself and can allow you to feel cool and youthful again. You could look into a tragus piercing, helix or an anti-helix, also known as a snug. You can find out more about the snug piercing online as well as other alternatives. With the right jewellery it can be as bold or subtle as you like so is something you could go for regardless of the job that you do. Another option would be to have a tattoo. After having your kids, now is a time for rediscovery and expressing yourself again and these are great ways to go about this.

How do you maintain your sense of style and identity as a mum?

Maintaining Your Sense of Style as a Mum